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Airtron Industries Manufacturing Solutions sells pick and place equipment, reflow ovens, wave soldering equipment, PCB cleaning solutions, line conveyors, inspection equipment, re-work solutions, and power/air utilities solutions to manufacturers in the Canadian market place.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Airtron Electronics was formed in 1982 to provide outstanding products and personal customer service as well as un-equaled post sale support to the manufacturing sector in Canada. The product lines that we represent are “best in class” and are carefully chosen to fit perfectly into the Canadian marketplace. When combined with our many years of experience, Airtron provides our customers with the best possible capital equipment purchase experience.

Latest Partnership

Pillarhouse USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Airtron Electronics Inc, to spearhead sales efforts in the Canadian Provence’s of Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island territories.

Surface Mount Technologies Division

Our Surface Mount Technology (SMT) manufacturing product lines include: screen printing, pick & place, reflow solder, wave solder and selective soldering, AOI, PCB cleaning, depanelling, PCB testing equipment, and electronics manufacturing automation solutions.

Facility Infrastructure Solutions

Airtron now fully services the complete industrial assembly market with its line of facility infrastructure solutions. These solutions include our power and air distribution product lines include, flexible compressed air systems, Carousels, fume extractors Mezzanines and much more.

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